Thomas Wellness Health

The Issue In the current age that we live in today, as a race, we start to face and develop many health issues as our body is constantly exposed to environmental issues, we see deterioration in our biological, electrical, chemical, physical, and mental well-being. When our well-being is disrupted, our body becomes imbalanced and underlying health issues will be manifested as signs and symptoms. The Wellness Program Through the analysis of signs and symptoms, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Thomas Wong BSc, MLT is able to pin-point the root causes of an individual’s health issues through symptometry, live cell microscopy, and medical/nutritional lab tests. Once the root causes of your health concerns are determined through extensive research, Thomas will provide you with an easy to follow protocol that is designed to not only be effective, but simple and stress-free, aligning with the ministry’s mission, to allow you to REST (Reduce and Ease Stress Today, Tomorrow, and Thereafter) and heal. At Thomas Wellness Health, we believe that educating our clients is a top priority so that they understand the healing mechanics working behind the scenes. In order for our clients to see a clearer picture behind their protocol, the research behind the protocol will be provided and explained to you through charts and diagrams so that the hard concepts can become fun and easy to understand!. During this education session, he will also reveal to you the mysteries of our spirit and mind for sustained healing, which is so often missed in today’s medical community.