Third Option Men

Men have failed. The fictional character of Peter Pan, and his eternal flight of fancy in Neverland, along with the mantra, “Never grow up,” has done great damage to the male psyche. The United States is populated with man children who have neglected their call to lead a life worthy of record. Families are broken. Mothers have been abandoned. Children are fatherless. Leaders are failing to lead. The world of men has become spiritually bankrupt. Third Option Men (TOM) vows to change this reality. Through a coordinated, multi-faceted approach, TOM plans to win back the hearts and minds of men. This isn’t chauvinism. This isn’t Cro-Magnon, hairy-skinned, chest beating. This is real change, in a real world. TOM believes all men are given three choices: 1. Live for self 2. Live for worldly gain 3. Live for God TOM exists to challenge men to consistently choose the third option. We are not a group designed to swell the pews of churches. We do not exist to satisfy quotas, or push a single theology. Our goal is simple, encourage men to be men. Be men as husbands. Be men as fathers. Be men as leaders. By rescuing a lost generation of men, TOM will be instrumental in rescuing the collapsing American family. Our current approach is threefold. We have a growing presence on the vast and limitless internet. Our website is continually visited by men from around the globe. We have fresh content daily, written by a diverse group of writers, each committed to seeing God glorified and men encouraged. Our sphere of influence is also expanding via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Our second avenue of attack is through the creation of small groups. TOM small groups consist of men who meet to encourage one another. They meet to hold each other to a Biblical standard. These groups are filled with genuine men, having meaningful, heartfelt conversations about anything relevant to their lives. These aren’t pity parties. These aren’t women-bashing contests. These are structured groups designed to infuse purpose into aimless lives. Our final approach is the tip of the spear: Third Option Missions. This is the scary stuff. This is the nitty gritty. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the caustic road, on foreign and domestic soil. This is where Third Option Men, committed Christians, actively rescue the lost. These are men who battle the wreckage of addiction. These are men who go into drug dens and rescue minors. These are the men who walk down destroyed neighborhoods, pick a house, rent it, restore it, and create a bastion of hope and love, all in Jesus’ name. They are the rescuers. TOM has big plans. We are committed. We are motivated. We have chosen The Third Option. We are Third Option Men. We are TOM.