The World At Her Feet

The World at her Feet, Middle East’s premiere travel consultancy focuses on women travelers who opt to join like-minded ladies to avoid traveling solo. Every destination is handpicked, each itinerary is intricately designed and all activities are planned to ensure women explore without feeling rushed, deprived or unfulfilled. The firm was established to cater to expectations of modern female tourist; exotic destination, flexible and varied excursions, woman centric programs with cooking, spa, shopping plus of course the regular culture and sightseeing to enhance her travel experience. As travel specialists, safety and comfort is optimum. Nothing is compromised or over-looked; trusted partners undergone extensive vetting process including credibility, integrity, extensive experience and recommendations. When compared to tour operator or travel agency, women can save a substantial amount yet enjoy every destination in its totality. Private and corporate excursions include sightseeing; shopping, culinary and vineyard tours are available. Join the trip and discover a whole new world.