The Unit Fitness - Cambs

At The Unit we keep training personal. This is a place where our members can come to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend some ME time working on their health and fitness. At The Unit Fitness you get more than just somewhere to train. You get a Team of friendly, experienced and professional Personal Trainers behind you, helping you achieve your personal goals. This is achieved through either our small group (up to 8 people training together) programs, our large group conditioning sessions (for up to 16 to 20 people), or 1 to 1 Personal Training if required. We have developed a structured nutrition program to go alongside our training which gets results regardless of how good or bad your current diet is. We believe most gyms have become soulless and have forgotten that it’s about the client enjoying their time and not finding getting fit a chore. Part of the whole fitness experience is the environment you are in and at The Unit we pride ourselves in providing fantastic results based on your goals, wants and needs. We help take the hassle out of trying to find time to get fit during a busy modern lifestyle, where you will enjoy getting fit with like-minded people. Join us for a trial and let us open your eyes to the right way to get fit.