The Unchargeables

The Unchargeables supports all those with an invisible illness or chronic pain. It's a place where everybody understands. My name is Natalie, I run this page.I am a single mother who suffers from Hashimoto's Thyroid disease and Fibromyalgia. I can not hold a full time job because of my illness, so decided to sell t-shirts to support myself and my daughter, So when you buy a shirt from this page you know the profit goes to a spoonie family in need. I use this page as my own support system too. It helps me deal with life as an unchargeable. An unchargeable is a person with a chronic illness, invisible illness or chronic pain. This comes from the Battery Analogy where we compare our energy level to a faulty battery that never fully charges. Admins of the page are: Natalie van Scheltinga, Ami Korczak, Vanessa Blevins, Elyse Levesque, Marc Anthony Smith, Kate Dekoski and Mary Lynne Branagh Hamilton **Disclaimer** When you post a picture on our timeline or send a picture into a prize draw you are giving The Unchargeables the rights to use this picture publicly for marketing purposes.