Two Hats Ranch

It has been said, that for many hunting is a passion. For the Bettis Family it surpassed the passion level and turned into a way of life. Spanning two generations, with the third generation growing in the wings, the hunting business is what this family does. This is not limited to just the hunters in the family either. As a family business, the entire family has been apart of the various operations we’ve been apart of from the front office to hostess positions. Over the nearly 60 combined years of professional hunting experience we have under our belt, we have never stopped learning, both from pioneers of the industry and from the mistakes we made along the way. During the 1970’s we cut our teeth outfitting in Northern British Columbia learning from Gene Overton. Our time with Gene taught us, ultimate success was to bring your hunter back to base camp safe, employ only the best, and to know and acquire the best equipment for the job. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, outfitting in Michigan, we learned how the passion of hunting whitetail deer grips so many in the United States. Guiding in Alaska under Keith Johnson we learned a warm place to put your head at night was paramount to a hunt and good food always kept spirits high. At the turn of the century, still outfitting in Michigan, we learned the importance of experiences created between a hunter and an outfit are in being considered a success. All the lessons we have learned over these past years have culminated into the Two Hats Ranch.