Tim Worthington

I live in beautiful California and love it, even with it's problems! I also travel...a lot! I am married to my sweetheart going on 14 years now. I'm a serial entrepreneur. I own a few businesses in various industries and have had a lot of success online as well. I really love being an entrepreneur. I find beauty in the creation process of it. I love being able to take an idea and make it a reality. I am a big fan of personal development and fancy myself as a bit of a philospher =). My wife and I eat Paleo and did so before it was cool! We have 3 chickens and grow our own fruits and veggies. Even though we eat "Paleo" we are still major "foodies". We love eating good food!!! Which is good for fun, but not great for our waist bands! For the past 10 years outside of my other business interests I have quietly building very successful sales funnels in a handful of niches and scaling them day and day out. I am now spending a portion of my time sharing things I have learned with others. My intention is to help you get the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to make the money you dream of online. So there you have it. That's a bit about me. I'll be honored to connect with you.