The Soccer Lot

The Soccer Lot is bringing 5-a-side soccer to Kansas City. What is 5-a-side soccer? Just like traditional soccer, you still need to put the ball in the back of the net. 5-a-side is just played on a smaller field (about the size of a basketball court), uses rebound boards (like indoor soccer or hockey) and has less players on the field (4 on the field and 1 in the goal). The goals a short, but long (4ft x 12ft) and the ball must always stay below head height.5-a-side is a fast paced, high scoring, and exciting way to play to world's great game. The Soccer Lot will be organizing pick up games, leagues, and tournaments throughout the Kansas City metro area using an innovative mobile field design. Sign up to receive updates on our next event and see for yourself why 5-a-side has become the most popular way to play soccer in the United Kingdom.