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Welcome to my Facebook page, Joanfrances Boyle@thescottishseer My intention is to help raise the vibration of humanity by expanding the power of consciousness through the art of Psychic Intelligence, Healing Modalities, Extreme Life Metaphors , Personal and Spiritual Meditation Techniques and much, much more! The Rules of engagement of this page are: LIVE FEEDS: I will be conducting live Facebook and posting pre-recorded Videos here on my Page and you are welcome to join me. Only if you agree to absolutely indemnify and hold Joanfrances Boyle, her heirs, relatives, husband, agents or assignees or her associates harmless now and always throughout all known and unknown universes. Please remember that everyone has their own opinion and therefore I ask for respect to be given where you may disagree with the topic or its content. If it is an open talk debate then feel free to put forward your opinion. Yet again, I will not tolerate abusive or harassing comments that will upset my other followers. If you cannot present your ideas or opinions politely you will be removed from the debate and my page. Also, NO swearing allowed. I plan on doing Free Monday Night Mini Tarot Readings with free entry into 20min Tarot Prize draw, and opportunity to share and enter another Free Prize Draw as well. Rules of entry are …. Entrants be 18 years and over. Entrants must LIKE and FOLLOW THIS PAGE Joanfrances Boyle @thescottishseer Entrants must also Place their name in the Feed line and country of residence this must be completed by the specified time given on the live by Joanfrances Boyle. Finally, the entrant must have the winner number. If there is no winner then it will go to the person with the closest to the winning number. Note: Prize Draw winners will have 7 days to contact and redeem their 20min prize Reading, or receive a £20 discount against a 40min or a full 1 hour Reading, or get a £20 discount towards any of The Scottish Seer Joanfrances Boyle Sets of Workshops or Classes or some Courses.... whichever your choice is but it must be booked within 7 days of the winning Post being published on this page, or they can claim a cash redemption for 1p. Offers: There will be Early Bird discounts and other offers for those who wish to participate in my classes, Workshops, or and Courses I advertise on this Page, but once the discount date has elapsed the opportunity for this discount will have ceased. Private and Group and Party Afternoons and Evenings Consultations: I conduct sessions in Person, on Messenger, Skype and Telephone. Groups and organizations: I conduct Group sessions in Person, on Messenger, Skype and Telephone. On-line: I conduct one- to- one, group and webinars for Private, Corporate and Organizations. Guest Speaker: I am willing and prepared to attend Groups, Organizations, Churches Exhibitions and Corporate Events at home or abroad. Please contact me on +44(0)7832251798 or +44 (0)1698331008 or PM me here or email me at or contact through my website at The Scottish Seer Joanfrances Boyle Spirit and Psychic Communicator. Clinical Hypnotherapist. Psychic Property Surveyor, Reiki Master Teacher. Executive Firewalker Instructor, Intuitive Life Coach Intuitive Empathic Diagnostic, Psychic Development Coach and lots more! If you would like to read more about The Scottish Seer Joanfrances Boyle’s experience and achievements please go to or which is my old web page and will continue until I get a new one love Joanfrances Boyle –The Scottish Seer. The Scottish Seer - Spirit Communicator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic Property Surveyor, Reiki Master Teacher, Firewalker Instructor & Intuitive Life Coach A little further insight:into Joanfrances Joanfrances is 58 years old; she has spent most of her adult life pursuing the truth about life after death, paranormal activity and mind power. One of her well errand titles is Intuitive Mind Navigator as she uses her talents to help navigate people through their troubles back into their true potential and a happier pathway in life. Joanfrances has such a diverse range of gifts she has earned range of tiles over the years: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Seer, Reiki Master Teacher (4 Disciplines), Motivational Speaker, Psychic Property Surveyor, Spiritual Life Coach, Executive Firewalker Instructor, and Psychic Development coach and a few others. Joanfrances Boyle’s favourite saying is, "Where your thoughts are your energy flows." Joanfrances has been mediumistic all her life. She decided to engage with the public eye 29 years ago. In the beginning she was more involved with Spiritualist Churches and fundraising for individual causes and charities. She took up the role of Spiritual Medium and volunteered to be a Spiritual Development Group Leader and Spiritual Healing Leader within her local Spiritual Church, before incorporating the private and corporate sector into her service. Since then she has continued to embrace new teachings and learning opportunities whenever possible. Joanfrances loves working with people to help improve their quality of life, both in healing and personal development. She confidently conducts consultations in both private individuals, groups and within the business sectors utilising all of her natural gift and talents or adopted and learned knowledge and behaviours. Joanfrances is well renowned for her expertise in the field of energy vibrations as an Intuitive Visionary who has been able to intuitively see and understand Aura and Chakra energy systems since childhood. She has inspired many people at private and public events as a Intuitive Motivational Speaker or Demonstrator. Joanfrances also offers her services as a Spiritual Counselor in the form of many ways: Intuitive Life Coaching , Aura and Chakra Readings, Artistic and Chakra Graphs, Past, Present and Future Readings, Life Path Readings, Past Life Retrieval Reading, Spirit Guides/Angel Communication Sessions and Soul Contract Retrieval. She also conducts demonstrations and one to one consultation with the worldwide acknowledged Aura Photography Camera named "Aura in Motion". Joanfrances professional accreditations are: approved Master Teacher level in each of the following -Usui, Karuna, Amaran and Dimensional Reiki Healing. She is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy (incorporating all 60 aspects of hypnosis), Indian Head Massage; Energetic Sensory Therapy (E.S.P); and Past Life Energetic Therapy. Joanfrances offers one to one therapy sessions in all of the Modalities above! And there's more Although Joanfrances loves all the different aspects of her work, Past Life Energetic Therapy is a favorite. she engages with anther's persons past life using her energetic system as a surrogate. She links to the person's soul Signature and retrieves the information of the past life existence and then retraces it back to this lifetime, where it becomes apparent why the person has had such negative life experiences. Joanfrances also carries out some specialised energetic work. Although, there is obviously much more to it than that, this brief outline gives you an idea of why she and her clients love this therapy. Joanfrances is an Executive Firewalking Instructor, incorporating Firewalking with bare feet, Glasswalking with bare feet; Rebar Bending with your throat, Board and Brick Breaking with your bare hand, Arrow Breaking with your throat and lots of low and high rope techniques. She is a member of F.I.R.E. Joanfrances offers one to one sessions and Group seminars for private, corporate, and charity organisations! Joanfrances Boyle’s favourite channelled affirmation she has ever received to date is “I am a Powerful Spiritual Being walking an Empowered Human Life” Channel and Tutor: Joanfrances says she has been blessed with wonderful experiences as a channel for the Universe, which has provided empowering information to be created into such systems as: Past Life Energetic Therapy, Reading Auras Intuitively , Chakra Discovery , Healing Intuitively know as Hi Therapy , Amaran Reiki , Dimensional Reiki , Dimensional Nucleus Activation (Energetic D.N.A), Intuitive Life Coaching, and Soul Journey Series for personal growth, Psychic Property Surveying and all the other channeling she is receiving today and for all the ones she will receive tomorrow and there's more... Over the years Joanfrances has facilitated many classes, groups, workshops: