My music represents the process of life....... The hardships and set backs the baby had to endure to be born, and the nourishment it had to fight for to live another day..... I give birth to true view points and take part in the rebellion against ignorance and stereo-types.. I was introduced to hard rap lyrics from the artist who rained during his child hood.. Artist like N.W.A. Spice 1, E-40.... and plenty other, heavy bass and dirty lyrics where I turned for listening.. (still cant get it out my system). The rhymes in my notebook, reflected the world I was brought up in .. Often being reckless,vex and disrespectful. (D'Mangelo)- "if it wasn't for 2pac beefing with the late great Notorious Big, I would have never had a chance to enter the realm of deeper thought that artist like Notorious, Nas, Rakim, Canibus and Krs 1 brought to the table. My first release was a 3song e.p in 2004 ,"No Handouts" that never went anywhere, had good concepts like "I love all my dogs"and "Digital Doe man In 2006 my second release D'Mangelo"F U and Yours (available on Blindside Records at and on itunes) Has features from Vocalist, rap artist,and production from the United Kingdom