Siam Kidd - The Realistic Trader

With the internet being a sea of trading scams promoting Day Trading and Binary Options, it seems as though no one out there is teaching good, proper, responsible and realistic trading. So that's why was created. The financial markets are a vast alien world for most people but what they don't know is that trading is one of the most important life skills that one can develop and that it's not that hard if trained correctly. So we teach people with no knowledge of the financial markets how to consistently grow their money by 2% per month (over 20% per year) from trading with minimal risk. Our 2 day workshops teach everything one needs to know to start trading safely in a completely no risk environment and they also learn how to become completely Stock Market Crash-proof. A skill very important these days. Being able to profit from market crashes is simply invaluable. The best part is that you need to spend less than 5 minutes a day trading this way which makes trading completely sustainable for every day life.