The Raw Honey Shop

Here is what we are about. Getting the best raw honey, raw bee pollen, raw unprocessed royal jelly and organic bees wax to people. We're about pure honey from pure wild places and supporting small scale beekeepers who care about their bees and don't give them antibiotics and other medicines that contaminate the honey, pollen and royal jelly. You can reach us on 01273 682109. How did we start? By discovering an amazing honey that tasted completely unlike anything you can buy on the shelves of a supermarket here. It was in a little shop on the border between France and Spain - in the Pyrenees. Later we met the enigmatic beekeeper behind the honey, Tio Ramon. Tio Ramon loves his bees and is committed to pure raw honey from bees in some of the wildest parts of Spain. He lives on a patch of land with his family, where they grow all their own food. We started to bring this honey back from the Pyrenees in larger and larger quantities. When people tried it and said that they'd never tasted anything like it before we realised that there's a terrible shortage of proper raw honey here. Now we have over 16 types of raw honey - from plants as varied as the Oak tree to the Sunflower or Wild Lavender to Orange Blossom. Each has a unique flavour and properties. Oak for instance is higher in minerals and amino acids than most honeys as well as higher molecular weight sugars (oligosaccharides) - this is good. Oligosaccharides are prebiotics that have a beneficial effect on bacteria in the digestive system. You can buy some of our honeys at Our original site also sells the raw honey from Tio Ramon. I am Tim Walker. My wife, Karen Puerta, and I set up the Raw Honey Shop (as Pyrenees Honey) in 2008. My wife died in 2013 after a long illness. She wanted me to carry on with The Raw Honey Shop and that is what I am doing.