The Online Garden Center

The Online Garden Center is a team of horticulturalists and gardening enthusiasts. We love gardening and everything about it. We particularly love the therapeutic effect of gardening and how it soothes the mind. We believe that gardening has a calming effect and the simple idea of just being amongst plants can prevent disease and ailments caused by the stresses of our modern lifestyles. We want to encourage everyone to garden. We want newbies to start gardening and experienced gardeners to garden even more. We want to do this by providing the very best quality garden products and advice for our members. We also want people to start conversations around gardening and share their knowledge. We also reward our members for their loyalty. We offer a brand new "garden giveaway" each month. So far we have given away prizes like Autumn bulbs, succulents and much more. We hope you'll join the page and share your gardening experiences with us.