The Mentoring Club

How does The Mentoring Club work? You browse the site at, find a mentor (or mentors) that really suits you and your business challenges, book a session with them and then either book them again, book a different mentor, or take what you have learned and put it into practice. No lock-in contracts. Ever. All of the best business brains assembled in one place for you to choose from. THE PROBLEM If you are a small business owner or startup founder, even if you appreciate the need for a mentor, there has always been two challenges: 1. Finding the right mentor or business coach who actually wants to help you and if you did find them: 2. Often it meant you had to be locked in to a contract with them for twelve months or more. OUR SOLUTION So at The Mentoring Club, we have tackled both of these issues. 1. We have assembled the best business brains all in one place for you to choose from. All of the mentors are passionate about what they (and you) do, and they all want to help you grow your business. 2. And you are not locked into anything. And never will be. Want us to match you with a mentor that is just right for you and your business? Check out