The Macarthur Business Network

Why Join? The purpose of regularly attending our Meetings is to connect with other local business owners and build relationships built on trust. This produces opportunities to help each other grow stronger businesses. The key outcomes that we help members achieve are... 1. Better Connections 2. New Ideas and Insights 3. Becoming More Profitable How is this Different? The Local Business Network (TLBN) doesn't focus just on networking ie: the same style of meeting every time. Our main purpose is to work on 20k problems in our business rather than focussing on making incremental sales. NETWORK MEETING FORMATS ShowRoom is a Networking Meeting to get better connections between you and other local business owners. Better connections means more Word-of-Mouth Marketing and more referrals from business owners who will all be spotting work for you! BoardRoom is a Mastermind Meeting to generate new ideas and insights for you and your business. Members work together to help each other with their challenges and what’s working, so that you can get your business ahead! ClassRoom Meetings are Business education workshops with the focus on helping you become more profitable. You’ll get a workbook on a key topic and learn the best strategies and an action plan to implement! Here's what Business Owners are saying about why they joined: - to get better connected, - to get new ideas about what others are doing to survive and thrive in my business - to get new perspectives on what you're currently doing in my business - to meet like-minded business owners - to get out of the office - to make sales - to find good suppliers - to create new opportunities. - to improve my word-of-mouth marketing - to gain referrals Who Attends The Business Meetings? They're for Business Owners... the people that make the key decisions in their business. This ensures that every person you meet, every connection, is valuable. Whether you're providing products or services to each other, creating opportunities together, or sharing business ideas... there's unlimited opportunity to tap into the people in the room to help you grow your business. How It Works... The Network Meetings are regular morning meetings held in the same time-slot each fortnight. Usually 7.00am - 8.30pm on a weekday. The meetings alternate between Showroom, Boardroom and Classroom. This way you are well connected with a range of members across the group.