Howard Britt

DIRECTOR. WRITER. INVESTOR. I'm here to help people live the highest, most intense ridiculously amazing life and build 6 figure & 7 figure brands. My clients have over 580,000 followers and generate 100k months. Former top marketing consultant for high-profile, high-profit brands with f/b ads. Now I create mind-boggling stories and fill arenas with thousands of people who want to have a good time, laugh & get a new perspective on life and happiness! I only want to be around people who are going to the next level. I'm here to get the GREATNESS out of you - whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you've been -- there's more AHEAD of you than BEHIND you. I want you to get every OUNCE of success, love, happiness and life you deserve! Not a SINGLE drop of your life has been wasted. Not a SINGLE moment. It's time to get it. Take your LIFE & BUSINESS to the highest levels now! Get tickets to the December 9th Debut of THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN Ticketmaster >