The Fox And Stone

Jewelry entered my life during a thunderstorm one summer night 8 years ago as I struggled with what I should do with my life and to feel fulfilled. Its been a wonderful, rough, fun, exhausting, frustrating, liberating journey but i finally feel as though i am the designer I wanted to be when i started. Most of my life I have been a Gypsy moving from place to place, exploring the world, immersing myself in various cultures. I have seen the blue waters of Bali, lived in a mud hut in Honduras, sailed along the canals in the English countryside and slept in a cave in France. All of these vast experiences, and the thousands more, have developed my sense of style in a way unlike any other. The pieces I create each carry a little bit of my wandering soul and the cultures I have experienced and hold dear. When you wear my art, I hope you sense the cultural magic of a vast world that I try to ensure each piece carries. I am now a passionate at-home mama of three.