The Five Day Challenge

I challenge you to 5 days - yes 5 days of wellness FOR FREE!!! We call it our "Energize your Week Wellness Workshop". It is super cool This fun, 5-day mini workshop is about why and how to start your day right. We'll also give great tips on cracking the code when it comes to protein, carbs, your metabolism & snacking. Finally, we'll give you the secret on how general lifestyle changes can really make a positive difference in your day! This is an ONLINE event (not a live event), so it's easy to participate by simply commenting on the daily posts that are delivered to your FB feed! Benefits from this event: - FREE - Healthy Eating Tips - FREE - Healthy Snack Lists & Ideas - FREE - Grocery Lists Information on: - Why breakfast is important - How to make the healthiest breakfast in 30 seconds - YOUR Personalized Protein Number - How much water you should be drinking *This event will go for 5 days and it's all online - no meetings to attend. Plus there is no time restriction. Receive a notification in your FB feed when we post tips! Its a great way to learn about health & nutrition, meet new friends, have fun, and win raffle prizes! For more info - go here: