The Fit Mum Formula

Nutrition HOW MANY calories you eat versus how many calories you burn determines whether you gain or lose weight – fact. WHAT foods those calories are made up of determines so much more. A slice of cake, a bowl of cereal and milk, and a chicken and vegetable stir fry might all have the same calories, but do they all have the same effect on your body? No, they do not. Unfortunately certain foods can trigger hormonal and chemical responses that tell your body to store fat rather than burn it, so not only are you increasing fat cells in both size and number, but you are not burning that fat for energy so will feel tired, hungry, and crave more food. On The Fit Mum Formula programme you will be educated on what to eat to encourage FAT BURNING rather than storing, by supporting muscle tone and metabolism efficiency. By following the advice given you will experience increased energy, balanced blood sugar levels, improved focus and motivation, and of course changes in body size, shape and tone to give you a body you didn’t think was possible without hours of dedication and effort, not to mention good genes. And while on the subject of genes, your genetics do not dictate your body shape; it’s hormones that do. So now you’ve ruled out that excuse it’s time to take back control and Get Your Body Back! Exercise Think back to the 2012 London Olympics. Think of the sprinters, with their slim but perfectly shaped bodies, their strong, toned limbs, clear muscular definition but without the bulk of a body builder, and their glowing skin and eyes. Now think of marathon runners. They are slim too, in fact whilst obviously fit many are very skinny and gaunt looking, with flabby skin hanging off their bones, dry, prematurely aged skin, rubbery knees and tiny sagging bottoms. Why is this? Think about how they exercise. A sprinter goes hell for leather for a few minutes, seconds even, exerting every last drop of effort and energy, then they rest. A marathon runner will go for hours, steadily pacing themselves. It is exactly this reason that the two have such different body shapes, and at The Fit Mum Formula we know which we prefer – make this your new mantra; Strong Is The New Skinny. The resistance based workouts we provide take a mere 30 minutes, 3 times a week. This, combined with some leisurely walking (no power walking), is all you need since with this method the ‘afterburn’ you generate means you keep burning fat hours after you stop exercising! Lifestyle Maybe you never realised how much your lifestyle habits had on your body; you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all about food and exercise. But notice how you feel after a late night and you’ll probably find you are hungrier the next day and are craving sugary, fatty, starchy foods. And how about if it’s dark and cloudy outside? Or you spend hours in front of artificial light such as the TV or computer when the night sky outside is saying you should be asleep? Had a bad day? Stressed out? Chocolate will cheer you up. Well there’s a reason you react to all these scenarios with food; once again, it comes down to hormones. Not only that, but when you are stressed or sleep deprived your body will store the food you eat as fat rather than using it to repair muscle or provide energy. It takes a lot of willpower to override these feelings that arise, so we teach you how to create the ideal environment and lifestyle that will not only make sticking to the programme so much easier, but it will help your body to do much of the work for you!