A website providing information and training tips for all dog owners. We have several different courses including: 1) Hands Off course (which includes basic obedience, like pulling on leash, preventing aggression, sit, stay down etc.; all the basic stuff you want your dog to do, and teach him how to learn that in the most effective way possible. It's really the foundational skills for a good dog) 2) Dream Dog course (which is not about teaching the dog skills, but reprogramming him to not be so emotional. To be able to handle high stress, and high distraction, and high intensity moments while remaining calm. It's about remaining calm under all circumstances. It's a course that should only be gone through after a person has achieved basic obedience with their dog) 3) Stop Barking (this course solves ALL Types Of Nuisance Barking Problems- Habitual, Boredom, Protection, Anxiety Driven, AND MORE!) 4) House Manners course (which does not cover the basic stuff, instead it's aim is to eliminate all the annoying problems dogs do that frustrate us inside the home that aren't covered in normal dog training books and courses. Like how to stop crotch sniffing, food stealing and that kind of stuff) 5) Puppy Programming (this is geared for puppies that are 14 months old and younger and teaches House manners, Potty training, Skills for socializing with people (and kids), Skills for socializing with other dogs, Games for exercising, Self-soothing skills (for when they're home, alone), Basic obedience commands, Confidence in high-stress situations, Life-savings obedience commands (like 'come' and 'leave it'), Plus 16+ MORE advanced obedience commands). 6) Coming When Called: This course features the “3-Step” Dog Training Formula for how Chet trained a "Deaf Dog" to come every time he's called. You’ll get both indoor and outdoors exercises so if it's a yucky day outside you won’t lose a day's worth of training progress. 7) Guest Manners: while the focus of “Guest Manners for Dogs” is on *quieting* your dog, we'll also teach you how to put barking on command. So that when you NEED your dog to bark, for safety, intimidation, or protection, you can just ask for it. And you can turn your dog’s barking ON and OFF – like a light switch. And, we'll teach you how to make sure your dog doesn't jump on your guests, either! 8) Leash Manners: This course will teach you “state-switching" to stop your dog from tugging... pulling ... and biting the leash!) Finally, your dog will have good manners while on a leash! 9) Impulse Control: The Impulse Control program is brand new, recently filmed, and based on the latest in animal neuroscience. Through his recent research, Chet realized that in order to more successfully and easily train dogs, we must first get them to calm down and pay attention. Sounds simple enough, but historically we expected them to calm down and pay attention through the use of the training programs. So, Chet developed this new program of 7 brain training games, designed to "rewire a dog's brain" and get them to calm down and focus, in order to then teach them all the skills they need. Training this "focus" can lead to a better behaved dog right from the get-go, and eliminate the need for aggression training and other specific behavior training later on down the road. 10.) Fixing Fears: This course features the “5-Step” formula for finally fixing your dog’s fears, anxieties and poor self confidence using simple exercises. Learn how to help improve your dog’s quality of life so that he will no longer be fearful or anxious. 11.) Walking Calmly: this course will teach you how to get your dog to walk calmly on a leash, regardless of what distractions there are around you. 12.) Jump Control: this course will teach you how to get your dog’s jumping under control so you can have pleasant interactions with everyone, every time.