Will Perry

The cool thing about Will Perry is that he practices what he preaches. He no longer worries about what other people are doing or saying - it’s about being 100% authentic to who he really is. That’s where true happiness happens, and that’s what Will Perry wants for YOU too. In 2004 Will left a twelve year career at the BBC with the grand title of ‘Head of Action Learning’ within the central Training & Development Team. However, Corporate life, for the main part was a case of hiding behind a smiling face. In fact, most of Will’s life felt like that - perhaps you can relate to this? At the end of 2004 Will lost his Sister in the Boxing Day Tsunami. The events left Will with a strong sense that LIFE IS SHORT - Hannah was just 36 - and he felt compelled to set out and create a better life for himself and his family. However, Will hit the brick-wall of his own limiting beliefs and struggled to move his business forward. His Parents later divorced, after 40 years or marriage and many skeletons subsequently came out of the closet, including a revealing insight into Emotional Abuse, which also created an understanding of his second, failing marriage and of his own low Self-Esteem. Will firmly believes that You Deserve to Be Happy, and he has developed a system after many years of personal struggles that helps others, suffering from low Self-Esteem, OVERCOME their limiting beliefs and “GET-ON!” in Life. People who meet and interact with Will are instantly hit with his passion, knowledge and his relaxed demeanour. Will’s main focuses at the moment is sharing his system, helping as many people as possible to overcome their past, negative, subconscious programming to become the Authentic and FREE people they have only previously dreamt of becoming. Will has an engaging personality and uses a very relaxed, yet quick approach to his work, incorporating many NLP techniques along the way. Will has the ability to ‘unlock’ your potential so that you can finally make use of all the knowledge you already have within you, without self-sabotaging yourself away from success. So, contact Will and get the Happiness and Success you’re searching for!