Coach Adria D. Hookes

Adria D. Hookes, is a Certified Business Coach and highly sought-after social media magnate. Her gift to inspire myriads of women to break out of the box, to pursue their purpose, and to fulfill their greatest entrepreneurial potential, has positioned as one who is dubbed The Business Bae™—a marketplace influencer, certainly a leader among women. Recognized for her business leadership and success, Adria was the recipient of the 2015 Global Award Winner of the SheRo Award and the 2016 Unstoppable Woman "Female Entrepreneur of the Year" Award Nominee. Besides her role as a business consultant and program developer, she has been actively engaged in the community. She was 1st Vice Chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Metro Atlanta Chapter. As well, she was involved in establishing the fastest growing chapter in the history of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW), forging relationships with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Rock the Vote, and the National Kidney Foundation. With a vast background in business and technology, Adria has taken her skillsets to develop a personal niche that allows her to help organize, educate, and empower individuals in their respective fields. She maintains an expansive portfolio of businesses, including Founder and CEO of the Powerful Women in Business Association, LLC (PWIB™), Adria Robinson Consulting Services, Powerful Men In Business™ and Powerful Men In Style™. Most recently, Adria has reached a milestone of organic growth of 7,000+ members in her social media group, PWIB™, which has become a business development hub for interaction among new and long-standing female entrepreneurs, as well as those contemplating the entrepreneurial leap. By establishing unity among a large organization comprised solely of women, Adria has not only begun to nullify negative stereotypes about all-female networking organizations. She has become a global magnet to other women also wanting to organize a sustainable female organization—a success tribe. More than anything, Adria wants to ‘give back.’ While some view giving back as an option often not chosen, for Adria, this is a part of her life purpose. Her passion to serve others, her resilience from a harsh and troubled past, and her faith are evident in her work as a Business and Social Media Brand Strategist for female entrepreneurs. Her dedication to helping women relates to a desire for sharing her personal experiences of failure and hard knocks toward creating paths that will ultimately save countless young women from pitfalls in their business, as well as their social and personal lives. Adria is the mother of two handsome brilliant sons, Brandon, 15, and Adrian, 12.