Bella Vasta

Keynote Speaker | Author | Podcaster | Business Coach Website: Subscribe To My Podcast: Want to know more? :-) I had a baby come into this world 3 months too early. We stayed 6 months in NICU and are now in the record books because of it. I have had dark days, and I have had bright days… like when I got married, twice, to the same man, in one week, in two different countries :) I have had extra lbs on my body at points in my life where I ate all my emotions and I have been able to work out day after day and turn it all around with dedication and good nutrition. I have coached pet sitting businesses since 2007 and published some of the most comprehensive research on important topics in the industry. I believe hard work comes from committing your mind first, and everything else will follow. If you embrace the word no, the world will start opening up for you because you prove to yourself that you are a fighter and will always persevere. I have a talent for sniffing out BS and will call my clients out on it every single day if I have to. That is how my clients write themselves regular paychecks, take long vacations unplugged, and achieve their goals, which they once only thought were dreams. You can ask any of them for a testimony. I have built and sold my first company by the time I was 30 and my second by the time I was 34. I owe all my “good luck” and blessings to God Almighty because if it weren’t for Him I wouldn’t have my daughter, I wouldn’t have found my husband, and I wouldn’t have the pleasure of getting up every single day EXCITED to be the cheerleaders in someone’s life. God is very alive in my life and my Faith is strong in Him. I would love to learn your story. My website is and you can connect with me at I say ALWAYS KEEP JUMPING because even when you don’t feel like it, jumping will keep the blood flowing, your momentum going, and you moving. When you are moving, it is hard to be paralyzed. :) Always Keep Jumping, Bella xoxox