The Anti-Procrastination Coach

Hi! I’m Morgan Steinmetz, and I am – *pause for dramatic effect* – The Anti-Procrastination Coach. While I was in the early stages of my first business, I was inconsistent, disorganized, unfocused… ... and my income reflected that struggle. I found out that procrastination was sabotaging my business. I realized that I was most focused and productive when I had deadlines bound by grades and teachers in college. So, I decided to create a school-like environment for myself by hiring a business coach. We met three times a week and set goals to be accomplished before each meeting. It was EXACTLY what I needed. But it wasn’t the business advice that was most valuable for me. It was the weekly meetings and how they kept me focused and consistent. >>> What helped was having real deadlines enforced by someone who held me accountable.<<< So I created a simple, yet effective program to help others be ultra-productive. It's streamlined and specific, so you aren’t paying for the extra stuff you may not need in a full-fledged business coach. Get the 6-part series on how to stop procrastinating once and for all by clicking the button at the top of the page!