Brydie X Jay

Thanks for stopping by & welcome to Herbal Energy! We are on a mission to help and educate the greater population about health, wellness and nutrition, by incorporating whole-foods and Herbalife into your everyday lives. If you had of asked us if we thought we were healthy just 2 years ago, we would have most definitely said yes. We ate 3 meals a day, walked and exercised regularly, both worked full time at decent wages, and had a fairly stress free lifestyle (if that even really exists in this day and age), but boy were we wrong! So 4 months after the birth of our first baby, in July of 2015, we started our journey to health, wealth and nutrition. Around our growing family and 2 businesses, we incorporated whole-foods and Herbalife products into our busy lifestyle. It was the best choice we could have made! We actually ate MORE than we ever had, and in a matter of months I had dropped over 10kg, and Dave had dropped over 13kg!! We even had energy to spare in the evenings (a welcome surprise). Now we want to share the secrets of our results with you. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, need more energy, or simply want to reshape and tone up, join my team, have some fun and let’s do it together! So like our Facebook Page for all the latest health, wellness and nutrition tips, check us out on Instagram (@health_wealth_nutrition), or message us to find out more (and get access to our obligation FREE Private Facebook Support Group). Check out our blog at Shop online at We look forward to helping you achieve the results you have been dreaming of!