Precision, Camberley

We have been teaching martial arts to our local community since 2001. Back in 2000 when we had our very first lesson conducted in the park on to the squash courts and then the leisure centres. We now proudly have 2 full-time locations to help our students grow. From our experience we have realised It’s not just the place where we teach that makes a difference. It’s WHAT and HOW we teach that is the secret to our success. We are a Positive and Approachable Family Mixed Martial Art School. We teach Kickboxing, Grappling and BJJ. Learning martial arts is easy, fun and challenging. Whether it be the parent who needs a little help to get into shape or the child who struggles with self confidence. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of martial arts education consistently. Our goal is to inspire families and individuals to becoming the best they can be.