Tes•lu•ro /tes(lə)rō/ noun A transportation service provided to the general public to allow individuals’ to rent or get chauffeured in Teslas at a competitive market price. The rental service is listed on the car share application known as Turo. Tesluro’s fleet is also used for Uber and Limo transportation. • I can’t believe that Tesluro rents out Teslas for less than $200/day! • I got chauffered in a Tesla yesterday courtesy of Tesluro! • Tesluro’s Tesla listed on the Turo app really made me stand out when I took my fiancée out for our 3 year anniversary. Our goal is "to accelerate the worlds adoption of the EV movement." We believe that there truly is a vehicle shift taking place and by providing Tesla transportation services we will help expedite this shift. Email us today at info@tesluro.com to find out more information on how to make some extra $$ letting us "manage" your unused Teslas. We will also be considering other fuel efficient vehicles).