Tejal V. Patel

Tejal V. Patel is a former divorce attorney turned Mindfulness Advocate for moms, kids and teachers. She's a mindful mama coach, Kids and Kundalini Yoga teacher, motivational speaker and is the founder of the online training program: The Mindful Mama Experience. (Get more info: www.TheMindfulMamaExperience.com) Tejal is passionate about helping moms and kids learn the mindfulness tools to better manage stress, handle difficult emotions and build confidence. Named a “Well-being Warrior” in The Huffington Post, she is known for her inspirational articles, online training program, booming online community, motivating Tejal.TV episodes, powerful live events and laser-sharp coaching. Tejal’s work has been featured by The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, Finer Minds among others. She is a contributing author to A Letter To My Mom and the Amazon bestselling book 20 Beautiful Women. Tejal’s soulful wisdom and actionable advice reaches a global community of mamas through her signature course, The Mindful Mama Experience. Head to her website for free goodies and mindful parenting inspiration at: www.TejalVPatel.com... Start your Mod-Zen Mama journey today!