Paragon has been created to allow us to train the most elite athletes and the absolute beginner which has enabled the best training facility in Darlington, whatever your goals. However, we know from the way we have designed the Paragon Performance Center to allow the trainee, on their first ever training session, to not be overwhelmed and to enjoy and integrate into our little community. Our background is elite strength and conditioning and we wanted to bring that to the people of Darlington and the surrounding areas. Why? Because everybody deserves to be able to train like a champion regardless of their athletic standing. We aimed to provide the best facility, the highest level of coaching and the most friendly atmosphere in Darlington for people to train when creating the vision of Paragon. That's where the TEAM PARAGON branding comes into play... everybody who joins our little community becomes part of our TEAM... The only question you have to ask yourself is who's team are you on? #TeamParagon