The meteoric rise of smartphones led good friends Ben and Tom to put their business minds together after identifying a gaping hole in the market. The boys and their friends were going through three to four cables a year, having to replace them every few months due to ripping or bending too much, or more likely, just spontaneously ceasing to function. Shoddy construction too weak to handle even the lightest wear and tear was costing Ben and Tom over $100 annually just so they could their phones charged, and considering the fact that pretty much about EVERYONE had a smart phone, they thought there had to be another way. So they created Syncwire to produce well designed, sturdily built cables to help people Connect With What Matters by ensuring that their phones could always remained charged. Syncwire cables would outlast anything (except Apple updating their jacks) and if they ever did fail, would be replaced at no charge. Tom and Ben have created literally the last cable you’ll ever buy in Syncwire, and are so excited for customers to stay connected with what matters for years to come.