Swimtravel PH

SWIMTRAVEL OFFER CHEAPEST SWIMMING LESSON FOR AS LOW AS PHP 2,900 for 5sessions plus 1 free session for Survival. DISCOUNT: Bring along a friend! 2 for 2700php per person instead of 2900 each. Do you love beaches, but can’t swim? Are you planning to lose weight but too lazy to go to the gym? Are you looking for a new hobby? Well, It’s about time for you to learn how to swim! We guarantee results from the 1st lesson. LEARN TO SWIM PROPERLY WITH BASIC SKILLS IN 1 LESSON. LESSONS COVERED: Beginner program. • 1st: Getting comfortable in the water. Proper breathing techniques. • 2nd: Beginning of Freestyle. • 3rd: Proper Freestyle (hand gestures). • 4th: Backstrokes. • 5th: Basic Breaststrokes, dog paddle and treading. The duration of a lesson is 90mins. You can stay longer if you wish to practice your stroke. After you complete the Beginners program SwimTravel offer 1 more free session to be able to Swim confidently. Join our free lessons to overcome your fear of deep water. To do this you just have to pay an extra 60 pesos for the entrance fee in Ultra Sport Complex. If you wish to continue after the Beginners program we also offer a “Swim confident and Improve all strokes program”. This program is suitable for Kids & Adults from 4 years old onwards! Private lessons are available every month!