The psychological well being of our community, and the society as a whole, is in a critical state. WE are the first responders of social and mental challenges for so many individuals, families and organizations. Black Therapists Rock has a dual purpose: Professional Development and Community Development The professional development purpose of BTR is to unify all current or aspiring Black Counselors, coaches, spiritual advisors, LPCs, MFTs, Social Workers, and Psychologist. Through networking, training, and mentorship, we will deliver career guidance and support to ensure the highest quality of services are provided to our communities. The community development purpose of BTR is to inspire change through psychosocial education. Globally, we will partner with other organizations to provide free culturally relevant classes on psychological skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision making, and healthy relationships. By normalizing/encouraging prevention based education, we reduce barriers to psychological health and decrease stigma against seeking mental health care when needed. It's time to let the world know that we are dedicated professionals and we absolutely ROCK!