Super Hero Lips

As a single mom and working full time as a Sr. Operations Consultant for a bank, I would have laughed if you told me I could also juggle a lipstick empire. I would have laughed harder because I knew next to nothing about makeup at the time this all started… all I knew what that LipSense was awesome and it worked. This all started innocently enough as a fun hobby which developed into something so much more – a life changing chain of events which has led me to work for myself with complete time freedom, a career that fulfills my passions and is actually fun, and allows me to provide for my entire family just on this income, comfortably. Not to mention a paid-for car, incentive trips all over the world and relationships with some of the most incredible women I have ever met. By simply being excited about the product line and sharing it with everyone I knew, I unwittingly created a network of people who joined in doing the same… sharing products they love with people they love! By doing that, an organization was born, 1400+ strong as of now and a movement of kind, energetic and encouraging women who are on a mission to improve the world, one gorgeous set of bullet proof lips at the time. Does that sound huge and overwhelming? Well, yes! And even though my life is extraordinary now, there is really nothing extraordinary about me. I just had fun with it, and persisted through the times when it felt like actual work. Because sometimes it did, and sometimes it still does. But when you eclipse your 6 figure bank salary several times over playing makeup with your friends and family, you find that you can push through just about anything. The thing is, not everyone will have the same results as me. But… some will! Why can’t that be you?? You may be saying to yourself, “those things happen to other people, not me.” I’ve got news for you… that’s what I said to myself, too! And as cliche as it sounds, if I can make this work, anyone can make it work. And I would love to make it work with you!