Success with TinTin Wynn

I'm no one special, there's nothing I can do that you can't learn in 24 hours. I have failed at countless businesses, projects, jobs, you name it, I've failed at it, at least once. I barely graduated high school with the exact bare-minimum number of credits to walk the stage. I didn't go to college, well I did for 2 semesters, just so I can qualify for financial aid. But I failed that as well by cutting class too many days. I got fired from Pizza Hut and let go from Macy's, LOL. I have no special degree or certification, I'm just an average Joe, except my name is TinTin Wynn. I'm an immigrant and at the age of 7, my family escaped Communist Vietnam. We ended up living in a refugee camp for 2 years before being legally accepted to enter into the U.S. In the 4th grade my father had to work far from home, so he left my sister and me to take care of ourselves. To get to school, we had to take a city bus from our area into downtown Houston TX, then catch another bus to the "better" side of town for school. With no supervision, I wandered downtown a lot. That is where I discovered Woolworth, a discount store back in the 80's. And I could buy $0.10 toys on clearance at Woolworth and sell them at school for $1 that was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey into business and I've never looked back... We are blessed with 4 beautiful children and for the past 5 years we've been work from home/anywhere there's WiFi entrepreneurs. We earning multiple 6 figures and love to travel. Some of our favorite destinations are Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, Vancouver, Cancun, Hawaii, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. We get to travel 8-10 times a year along with every time our kids are on break from school. I tell you this NOT to brag or impress you... BUT to impress upon you, that all this is also possible for your future. Your current circumstances or situation does NOT define you. If I can do it, YOU can as well... All you need is the burning desire to succeed. Take action today and persist with consistent daily activities, little by little... Your success is around the next bend.