Stefanie Gass

{{{LIVE videos every Monday}}} Hi, I am Stefanie Gass. I built an international six-figure network marketing business in two years. Yes, the free cars, 5-star vacations, bonuses, and FREEDOM. I love network marketing, well most of it. The flexibility it provides, the family of incredible people I met. The personal development journey... BUT... I was sick and tired of traditional methods of building my network marketing business. It felt icky and wasn't duplicating. It was taking up all of my nights, and I simply wasn't feeling it. I wanted that important time with my family and I wanted to work my business FROM HOME. I was forcing the "I have an opportunity" line down everyone's throat. I was SPAMMING people and getting unfriended. Then, I realized the insane power of attraction marketing and started using social media to find REAL LEADS. People that actually wanted my product. Wanted to join my business. And everything changed. My mission is to empower network marketers to have unlimited SUCCESS through social media and attraction marketing. I am extremely passionate about helping others live a life of freedom, purpose, and clarity through self discovery, personal development, affirmations, and channeling your inner badass. Because YOU ARE WORTHY! Freedom is right outside your comfort zone! I am SUPER excited to connect with you. Be sure to hop over to to learn more. You'll also want to join my SUPER SPECIAL social media success group for exclusive LIVE videos, tips, and support. Request access here -->