Sadaf Pearl

My name is Sadaf and I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother of 4 amazing kids. I am enjoying a lifestyle that involves picking up my kids from school, volunteering in their classroom, attending ALL their events, and going on fabulous family vacations. I have time to make my favorite homemade Indian dishes for my family, enjoy with them. But, it was not always this way. Five years ago I had just given birth to my last son. Five weeks later, while still on maternity leave, I got laid off. Two months after that, so did my husband. He started looking for a new job immediately and luckily found one fairly quickly. I was truly loving (to everyones surprise) being a full time mommy, but I needed to find a way to contribute financially. You see, l had worked at one of the most prestigious companies in the world, and then my career abruptly ended. Yet, I was having an impossible time finding a job that didn’t require a full time nanny, and possibly even a live-in one due to travel requirements. I had two MAJOR issues with that. Firstly, the cost of a nanny like that would eat an enormous part of my take home pay, and secondly, I did NOT want to leave my son. I wanted to be there for every single one of his “firsts.” I looked for the job that was the right fit for me for many years and found nothing. Finally, just after I had my last son, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and eventually I found a Network Marketing company that I loved and signed up as a consultant. I struggled the first year, barely breaking even. I knew there had to be something my company’s top earners were doing that I wasn’t. And they were NOT talking about it. Why were they keeping it a secret? What was “it”? I was so frustrated. We were struggling. We were forced to have difficulty conversations and make very difficult choices. And then, I found the training and tools to unlock the next level of my business. And I learned how to teach others to do it as well. It required a lot of perseverance, work, and dedication to get it really rolling. But, once I got all the pieces in place, the money would come in with MUCH less work, giving me what I really always wanted: time, freedom, and flexibility to be with my family.