Stretch Your Horse

Stretch Your Horse is an equine stretching app containing 24 individual instructional stretching videos. The Stretch Your Horse app enables riders, veterinarians, trainers, and horse lovers around the world to download individual instructional videos of horse stretches that are available for replay on their smartphone or other device as many times as desired, right at their horse’s side, whether in the barn or on the trail. This will help ensure the stretch is done safely and properly, and that the horse gets the maximum benefit from the stretch. No internet connectivity needed after the initial download! No data charges accrue after the initial download. Each video is downloaded separately and resides on smartphone (iphone or android) Most videos cost $2.49 The Stretch Your Horse app is $2.99 and comes with two videos: Introduction to Horse Stretching and Treat Stretching Tips. Cost effective because rider only downloads specific stretch videos their horse needs Visit for more details