Stoicism Daily

At one point I found myself in a long-term pit of anxiety and worry. I wanted to change my whole attitude and perspective, but I had no idea how. I wanted to accomplish my goals and be successful, but I was held back by my mindset. I wanted to feel free and like I could do anything, but I was stifled from my weak frame of mind. I had no clue what to do. I was told to just let time run it's course, to talk about it (complain), or to take medications. But I wasn't about to leave this to chance, I wasn't going to just wait and hope for the best, and I wasn't going take medications that can hurt me in the long run ...and that's what forced me to find the solution in stoicism. Desperate for a REAL solution, I found stoicism. Reading the works of the great stoics and listening to stoic audio books in my car gave me the knowledge I needed to take full control of my life. It made me realize that I really only have control over my mindset and because of that I should not worry about anything that's outside of my control. It made me see that obstacles are the way and that by overcoming obstacles you build tremendous character and gain tremendous self-mastery. It made me less dependent on externals for my happiness and because of all this, I am beyond proud of my newfound happiness, confidence, and peace of mind. I'm hoping that stoicism can do the same for you weather your in desperate need of a mind frame shift or if your already thriving and want to get even better. Looking forward to hearing from you :) - Ulysses A. Clay