Boutique Womens Fitness Studio in Flemington NJ. Featuring Barre, Pilates, TRX and Fusion small group training. Sphericality is the place to be with programs designed to transform women's bodies in a supportive, safe, and unintimidating environment. With the highest standards of excellence in teaching, programing and facilities, Sphericality will strive at all times to foster strong community, friendship and joyfulness in it’s teachings. Our menu of services is designed to ‘change your body and exercise your mind. The atmosphere you will experience is one of support, uniqueness, non-­intimidation and motivation. Unlike a traditional gym, all of our programs are based on a functional, total body approach that will encourage strength, length, alignment and balance. Last, and very certainly not least, we want you to be fulfilled, have fun and leave every time with a well deserved smile and sense of achievement. Our caring, expert all female staff is second to none in teaching and motivating. Our completely unique and totally simple approach to wellness for women makes it easy to reach and attain your goals