Spartan Beard Co

Like a golf glove, a fountain pen, or a classic car - any man can acquire a beard; but it takes a connoisseur to maintain one. Not the sort of connoisseur that is confined exclusively to art galleries and the fashionable districts of town, rather a real man of the world. Someone who knows the value of prized possessions, and in turn knows the importance of maintaining them. Accordingly, there are few things a man should prize more than a well-maintained beard. A well-maintained beard can be the difference between presenting an image of a sophisticated, stylish - and yes, just a little bit roguish - man who knows where he's headed in life; and that one scraggly guy who is always hanging out behind the bowling alley. Therefore, today’s bearded man need ensure his beard his prim and pristine; and that’s why today’s man needs beard oil. Beard oil is the product that fully fulfills your maine’s promise. It is the elixir that literally separates the boys from the men. And, within this world, there is no finer beard oil that Spartan Beard Oil. Named after the ancient - and classically stylish - warriors of antiquity, a Spartan make was to be feared with a sword and shield - and looked fearsome with a proud and manly beard. The philosophers of Greece and the Senators of Rome may have felt themselves sporting with long flowing locks of the Guru’s kind - but Spartan men knew a beard was at its best trim and neat. The Spartans of old may have roared as they left the Earth and marched into history, but with Spartan Beard co. you can ensure their tradition continues and your story is written anew in 2016. Our luxurious beard oil of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus mixed with Jojoba, Argan and Vitamin E is the ultimate war to ensure your beard is sharp and shielded from the elements of your living existence. No wind shall chaffe you, no sun shall irritate you - no foe shall threaten you! - when you use our Spartan beard oil. What’s more, as well as our beard oil we’ve an veritable armoury of combs, waxes, balms and more! Wherever you are, and whatever your rise to do in the day; when equipped with Spartan Beard co products you’ll be set to conquer the world and rule over your land in bearded glory. Spartan Beard Co for the man of today and the warrior within.