SOS Athletic Excellence

SOS Athletic Excellence is a Gym limited to just 100 members. We focus 100% on looking after these members with individual programming, goal setting, support and nutrition advice. SOS Athletic Excellence is the home of 10 highly qualified Personal Trainers. We take pride in the fact that all of our trainers are either Level 4 qualified or are committed to reaching this level within 12 months. We only want highly driven, motivated and highly educated staff in our facility. Our Personal Trainers are all self employed, but have all bought into the SOS culture of a fantastic level of customer service, attention to detail and support. We are not focused on high numbers of members, we are focused on quality and results. There will be Group sessions as part of the membership each morning at 9.15 am and also 5.30 pm. These will include: - TRX - Metabolic Mayhem - Core Meltdown - Bodyweight Blitz - Rowing Club The Personal Trainers run their own Group Training sessions in the facility. These sessions will be paid sessions and include: - Bootcamps - Group TRX Training - Mobility Workshops - Football Fit - Rowing Club - Running Club - Female Functional Fitness - Modified Stongman Training We are open from 6.30 am - 9 pm on week days and 8 - 12 pm on weekends.