Somnox - world's first sleep robot

Somnox is world's first sleep robot that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Making it the ultimate interactive sleep companion to achieve a good night’s rest. Ultimately resulting in an energetic and happy daily life. It does so with intelligent technology that soothes body and mind developed at the university of technology Delft in collaboration with Auping, Europe’s leading circular mattress company. | Be the first to own a Somnox | Sign up now to be the first to own a Somnox sleep robot and an early bird discount: Somnox includes a range of effective and non-invasive features that work through the night to help you sleep better. When you hug your sleep companion, Somnox uses scientifically proven cognitive and breathing techniques to guide you to fall asleep faster. You can actually feel the rising and falling sensation of the breathing robot and adjust your breathing rhythm accordingly. Next to the breathing Somnox comes with (smart) sounds (white noise, guided meditation, lullabies, heartbeat sounds) that adjust or turn off according to your sleeping state. Somnox is a soft robotic, which means you can hug and spoon it. Experiencing some sweet soft robotic love. The power of affection and cuddling are proven methods to reduce stress and anxiety and therefor induce sleep. Somnox is autonomous and works based on your preferences, offering you a tailor-made interactive experience. During the day you can set Somnox to your preferences with the accompanying mobile application. In 10 years, we envision that our sleep robot will become just as normal as having a good mattress. | Mission | 1,000,000 happy sleepers by 2025. We want to start a global sleep revolution where everyone gets the night's rest they require without the need of addictive & harmful medication. Molengraaffsingel 12-14 | 2629JD | Delft. +316 82421037 *Keywords* Somnox, sleep robot, sleep better, enhance sleep, insomnia.