Somewhere Over The Rainbow- A journey of love and healing

Somewhere over the rainbow is about the journey of love and healing after loss. We want to help you start your healing process through powerful images that we created together. We want you to be able to share your story without judgment and if you choose share it with the world. Many women find sharing their story scary but it can be very therapeutic and healing. We want you to know you are not alone on this journey. Every image will speak to you and your own personal story. For example for those of you who are having a baby after pregnancy loss we want you to see the beauty in your body, learn to embrace it and see the absolute magic that your body is creating. We want to take away those fears even for just a moment. If you have had a pregnancy/infant loss, we want to help you take photos to remember your angel. Photos can be done at any stage of your journey, no matter how long it has been. If have lost a family member we can work out a way to remember them. There are so many possibilities. Every shoot will be different because everyone needs something different to start their journey to heal. Money from the shoots will raise money for charity. Sarah: I am an angel mummy myself, to two beautiful angels in the skies, I lost my father at 13 and I am also a heartfelt photographer. I hope my experiences and understanding will allow you to trust me to begin the journey with you.