Sometimes Spouse

Handyman & Household Service 254-315-1922 What does Sometimes Spouse do? Sometimes Spouse makes your life, or your spouses life easier. Or maybe you never wanted a spouse, and would like to rent one for the afternoon, or day. Have you ever though.... I wish I had an extra set of hands at home? THAT'S WHAT WE DO! Do you need a husband or wife to rent? You can rent mine. What can an sometimes husband or wife do for you? Sometime Spouse has several services available............ Pet Care Services--pet sitting, delivering of medications, pet walking during the day and more...... The Clean Wife--light cleaning, dusting/sweeping/ moping/ dishes/ laundry and more.......... The Crafty Wife-- furniture restyle/ interior decorating/ pinterest projects, holiday decor and much much more.................. The Super wife-- run errands, planning menus, personal shopping, waiting for repair services, gardening, school/party gifts, picking up medications, and much much more......... The Handy Spouse-- moving of items, assistance in moving, light yard work/ tree trimming, assembling of items, house sitting, fence building, rearranging furniture, outdoor projects, minor home modifications, fixing that annoying item, unfinished project finishing, hanging pictures, changing light bulbs, painting and much much much more.......... Event Planner Wife-- planning of birthday parties for the kiddos, planning a party for husband/ wife/ relative, baby shower planning, wedding shower planning, house warming party planning, and much much more............. The Spouse Organizer--makeovers for your kitchen, pantry, garage, closets, mudrooms, bathrooms, children's rooms and much more. Preparation for a newborn, childproofing of a home, and overseeing home projects. Many many more services are available, check out our website @ or email. If you have any questions about services just give us a call, shoot us an email, Facebook or tweet Sometimes Spouse. No job is to small. Make sure and like and share our Facebook page, or tweet about Sometimes Spouse. Call Sometimes Spouse @ 254-315-1922, and rent a husband or wife today!