Social Media with Adaire

Created by Adaire Palmer in April 2016 Are you a small biz owner trying to work your way around Facebook with your product/service? Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Have you heard that you have to be on Facebook or get left behind, so are here grudgingly and would rather be anywhere else in the world? These are a few of the things I hear daily from a growing group of small biz owners. I've set up this page and a Facebook group to help you get what you want out of Facebook for your small biz. We are a growing group of small biz owners AND not-for-profits who are committed to using social media (starting with Facebook and expanding) for growing our businesses. On this page you will find resources to help grow your business (check notes and events tabs) as well as insights, hints and tips about the latest developments that are happening in Facebook (and this happens almost daily!) If you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start then this is the place to be! I encourage anyone who is a small biz owner or responsible for social media in their non-profit and looking for support to join. The intent of this page is to have one place where we can post questions, solutions we have found for ourselves and keep connections going - as well as make new connections for those who haven't been in my workshops together. Remember, all great things start as an idea. Click on the learn more button and grab your copy of 'Breaking the Facebook Code: 10 steps for getting customers' for free! And while you are here, grab your FREE Biz Page Health Checklist (swivel your eyeballs left) and find out for yourself what you are doing great at and what you can improve on with your biz page. Grab your copy of 'Breaking the Facebook Code: 10 steps to getting customers' here: If you'd like to check out our paid courses and programs, click here to join and I'll be in touch with further details: I encourage posting, interaction and supporting each other. To Your Online Success!