Smarter Outdoors

Smarter Outdoors isn't your average business. If you're looking for the standard approach to outdoor blinds and shutters, we'd suggest you approach our competitors. But- if you're looking for a fresh perspective, genuine advice, exceptional service, premium product & installation, and competitive rates, we are the right people for you! Although we offer all the usual value propositions (locally owned, premium product, manufactured in Perth, extensive warranty, prompt response & turn around times, and dealing with the owner direct) We understand a lot of others offer that too. What really sets us apart is our people. As a young and energetic company, Smarter Outdoors prides itself on having the best team in the business. You'll find us to be warm, engaging, authentic and real. We love what we do, and it shows in everything we do. Especially our cost effective solutions we offer to our customers, without compromising on service or quality. We have a proven track record of delivering results & exceptional service to all those we works for. If you value honesty, openness & genuine service, give us a call now to discuss your needs. We will happily come past to provide an obligation free quote! Call Ben on 0416 663 363 or email me at