Tired of being ordinary? Ready to stretch your snobby wings and fly? With Sip, we enable your snobbery. Nit-pick the hell out of finding coffee, because we know thats exactly what you want to do. Especially when it comes to coffee. Annoy your friends and family even more by wanting to find the perfect coffee shop for any occasion with ease. The Sip team takes pride in building a whole new database with you in mind. Each shop and its info has been submitted, and reviewed by a real person who loves coffee and everything about it just as much as you do. So relax, Jack and keep chugin' that cold brew on tap. With Sip, you can visit a new city with confidence. Roam around the city without having to walk into any commercial coffee shop. Ever. Why? Because we love you. Our database and mapping system will automatically find your location (with your approval of course), and only show those small, local shops that you are looking for. Looking for a shop that serves a pour over with gluten-free vegan food? No problem! With Sip, you’re able to customize your search filters and turn on those that only apply to your needs that very moment. Now you won’t have to second guess, or gamble your coffee adventures. Because no one wants to gamble with someone who hasn't had their coffee yet. You’ll know ahead of time if you’re able to get what you’re looking for. So don't be that guy (or girl) to awkwardly walk out the door empty handed because they didn't have what you were looking for. sit back, and relax. Sip is here for you.