Lularoe Tara C

Hey Everyone! I'm LuLaRoe TaraC (Tara Thorsteinson Crown) I live in Frederick MD, just outside Washington DC! I am originally from Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I'm a super busy Mom of 4 Teens and wife to my LulaBeau " The Silver Fox" ;o) I have been with Lularoe sicne June 2016! And it has litterally been a serious blessing for me and my family! My Why. My kids are getting older and don't need me the same way they used to. I found I was sleep walking through my day, sometimes wearing the same sweatpants day in and day out. I didn't feel productive, creative or valued. I was in a rut, and not at all fulfilled. In my former live, before kids, I had an amaizing job, I was a Regional Visual Trainer for a National Clothing company. I travelled, worked with fashion buyers and merchandisers . I loved it. BUT that was 16 years ago. There was NO way any major retailer would hire me into a similar possition after 16 years out of the field, like NO way. The thought of applying for a minimum wage job, working nights and weekends was NOT appealing to me. Miraculously! Enter Lularoe! I had a good friend who was raving on and on about these amaizing leggings she was buying online. I thought she was nuts. One day I finally gave in and said "ok show me" she did. They were cute, lots of funny animals and funky prints, and they of course were super soft, but not my jam. They are "just" leggings! I went home and started to look online, I was blown away to see all the other fun and fashion forward styles Lularoe has to offer! I fell in love with a pencil skirt dress, came to know it was named the "Julia". I was added to a facebook sale and ordered one! As I waited for my purchase to arrive, I researched the company. The more I read the more I loved the whole culture of Lularoe. When I found out I could join and run my own little retail business! That was it! I found my creative outlet! I signed up without having ever tried on a piece of the clothing! Since joining I "cruise quailified" my first 4 months working my business, and had the pleasure of going on the Lularoe Cruise in Febuary 2017, it was amaizing btw. 3000 Lularoe retailers and their spouses took over a crusie ship, in a word EPIC! I have consistently cruise qualified every month since then and have secured my spot on the 2018 cruise!! I LOVE my Job! Through Lularoe I have found my creative outlet, made new friends in both other retialers and customers. plus! I am getting out of the house XD I feel better about myself, and love that I can contribute to my family financially. ...and the cruises are nice too !LOL