Sheets & Giggles

Services provided include: -- Recommendations for theatrical audition repertoire -- Professional Cutting, Reorganization and Presentation of Song Selections --Selection and Timing of Monologues (Coming Very Soon!) "We love our job!" ~Kendrick Stallings & Shawn Lewis Hathcock are just two Musical Theatre NERDS who have developed an extended library & plethora research methods. This wealth of knowledge allows Sheets & Giggles to discover the hidden gems waiting to be performed by its loyal clientele, as well as to aid those clients in dodging all those traps posed by specific audition material. Not only that, but both consultants work together to produce the cleanest, most original & memorable selections for anyone working with Sheets & Giggles. Both boys know the standards & structures that Performers, Accompanists & Auditiors require/ expect when auditioning successfully. So case by case they develop, dig, & spelunke for the most impactful selections & efficient cuts- always finding that enduring material in a timely manner. Most importantly: in addition to promising quality product & standard experience for all their customers, they will always respect the clientele's budget by having consistent & unbeatable pricing*. You want to rock out with Queen arrangements, croon with Sinatra, or belt your face off like Florence? Hell Yeah! Why Not? Again, The boys are continuously committed to fulfilling any & all of your repertoire necessities. So, whether you find yourself in a time-crunch for a last minute audition or simply want to rebuild your book: Sheets & Giggles is there to work with you & together, we'll all, re-imagination the endless possibilities you didn't even know you possessed. "The professionally built repertoires of our clients, as well as the 'personalization' and originality of its content, is always the numero uno objective of Sheets & Giggles." ~ S. Lewis Contact Us: (Website: Coming Very Soon!) Everyone go out & Break all of the Legs Possible! *billing through PayPal Services or in-person: pricing is negotiated during the Free 5-minute initial Consultation.