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Our Mission BEAUTY EMPOWERMENT is our main thrust! We believe that beauty is not only expressed through a person's outer physical looks, but also displayed through his or her strength of will, confidence, and sense of inner beauty. The sheer quality of our products brings about all the best of these two worlds harmoniously and simultaneously. Outwardly, customers who consistently use DDS products shall see and feel the wonderful positive results these products provide, as their complexion begins to improve and become glowingly clear. Inwardly, as their faith in our products are enhanced through these noticeable results, each usage will be enough to build and maintain their strength of will and confidence regularly. Just like the old adage 'Knowledge is Power', we at DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise declare likewise that 'Beauty is Power'! Thus, our Mission Statement… "To empower individuals on a consistent basis through top quality beauty products which effectively enhances self-confidence and both inner and outer beauty, and through state-of-the-art systems which efficiently provide partner entrepreneurs with a highly lucrative income source that spans both the short term and long term time periods.” Our Vision DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise envisions itself to become the premier household name when it comes to beauty products, where it continuously enhances its market dominance via its own extensive research and development system that always finds ways to empower both men and women alike through the power of true beauty. DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise aims to become a major source of enrichment of lives, both locally and internationally, through its two-pronged approach of providing top quality products and proprietary lucrative compensation system. DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise envisions to instil upon the young ones… students and young business persons… the entrepreneurship and success mindset by conducting highly informative seminars, symposiums, and training programs. DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise aims to become a catalyst in the upliftment of the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters through the development and consistent support of foundations, charities, etc. DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise envisions to showcase the Philippines' best ingredients in each of its region by utilizing these ingredients in their current and future beauty products. DDS Beauty Secret Enterprise aims to dominate the global beauty market as its products gain more and more market share because of their sheer quality and price affordability.